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Viñedo Chadwick, Don Maximiano and Seña Reaffirm their World-Class Quality Alongside the Finest Wines in Toronto

On October 5th of 2006, the prestigious Rosewater Room in downtown Toronto was the perfect setting for the reenactment in Canada of the Berlin Tasting, which originally took place in Berlin in 2004. This tasting became a milestone for the Chilean wine industry when Viñedo Chadwick and Seña were ranked atop French and Italian classics. Read More >

This time, organized by Vintages, sixty especially invited guests were among the tasting panel, which included wine journalists from all over Canada, sommeliers, buyers from selected restaurants and clubs, together with LCBO product consultants.

At the tasting, Don Maximiano Founder’s Reserve 2003 was ranked as a world class wine among the top three places by the most reputed Canadian wine journalists, sommeliers and wine connoisseurs.

The tasting was moderated by Steven Spurrier, one of the United Kingdom’s most prestigious wine journalists nowadays, and Shari Mogk-Edwards, LCBO’s Vintages Sales Director.

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    Teresa Alanpour, Angela Arrese, Tony Aspler, Nicole Barret, Sarah Bartlett, Angelo Bean, Julie Berube, Gilberto Bojaca, Peter Boyd, Kathy Cannon, Paula Coddon, Michel Couttolenc, Beppi Crosariol, Philippe Dandurand, Julie Douglass, Greg Dunlop, Micheal Fagan, Paul Farrell, Gizella Fekete, Richard Feldkamp, William Flatt, Fred Gamula, Evelyne Gerber, Michael Gieck, Tony Gismondi, Rose Holness, Donald G. House, Jennifer Huether-Vranjes, Tami Karakasis, Brian Krentz, Peter Kynaston, Alain Laliberte, David Lawrason, Serge Leveque, Bruce Maclean, Carrie May, Peter Oldfield, Francisco Opazo, Michel Phaneuf, Olga Pizzolato, Daryl Prefontaine, Michael Quinttus, Anna Radice, Frank Rey, Veronique Rivest, David Rose, Peter Sainsburry, Giacomo Santo, Felix Silva, Robin Sirutis, Mark Staples, Gord Stimmell, John Szabo, Zoltan Szabo, Borys Tkach, Roger Torrierro, Rick Van Sickle, Mary Vari, Wendy Votto, Eduardo Wexman, Tom Wilson, Donald Ziraldo.


5 October 2006 The Rosewater Room
  • Steven Spurrier, Shari Mogk-Edwards, Eduardo Chadwic
The Result
  1. 1- Château Margaux 2000
  2. 2- Château Latour 2000
  3. 3- Don Maximiano 2003
  4. 4- Tignanello 2000
  5. 5- Seña 2003
  6. 6- Viñedo Chadwick 2000
  7. 7- Seña 2000
  8. 8- Viñedo Chadwick 2003
  9. 9- Château Lafite-Rothschild 2000
  10. 10- Sassicaia 2000

Expert Opinions

  • I recall the smile on Eduardo Chadwick’s face when the results of the Toronto recreation of the Berlin Tasting were announced. It was a vindication for all the hard work Errázuriz had done to raise the level of quality of their wines.

    Tony Aspler, Dean of Canadian Wine Journalists, October 2013
  • I remember very well this fascinating tasting in Toronto in 2006. We knew that we were in the presence of 10 great wines; we knew that, among them, there were Chilean wines. Except that it was not easy to position them! At the end of the exercise, the conclusion was clear: wines presented by Eduardo Chadwick that day belonged to the international elite.

    Michel Phaneuf
, Canadian Wine Writer, Author, and Consultant, November 2013
  • Certainly among the opinion leaders in Canada there is now a deeper understanding that Chile is perfectly equipped with the terroir to make great wine. And this message is gently filtering down to the larger market, where there is a growing understanding that the value in Chilean wine increasingly rests more with its quality than its lower price.

    David Lawrason,
 Canadian Wine Writer and Wine Educator, November 2013
  • The Berlin Tastings, and frankly any other blind tastings that pit Chilean wines against the rest of the world, are the single biggest tool for fighting the almost structured notion in the wholesale/retail/restaurant/media circles that Chilean wine is all about value but never about refinement and quality.

    Anthony Gismondi, Canadian Wine Expert, November 2013
  • This has come to be regarded as a milestone in the history of the Chilean wine industry… Chadwick deserves a medal of honour for having the bravery to go against some of the best. And he has certainly emerged as the leading global ambassador for Chilean wines.” “CHILE FIRES CHALLENGE AT THE BIG WINE GUNS

    Gord Stimmell, Toronto Star Newspaper, Canada, November 2006
  • While its wines are well known and that the winery is one of the most modern in the country, Vina Errázuriz is also one of the oldest, and arguably part of the Chilean wine heritage. The quality of wines from Viña Errázuriz is unanimous in Canada, but also in many other countries such as the USA, Germany, UK and the Scandinavian countries.

    Jacques Orhon, Wine Writer And Author, October 2013
  • These tastings put wines of Chile on the radar for Premium wine lovers. They raised the profile of wines of Chile and provided a lot of interest for consumers. It was a novel tasting and I was delighted to be a part of it. These tastings helped elevate Premium wines
 of Chile and also those from other new world wine producing countries.

    Shari Mogk-Edwards
Vice-President Products, Sales & Merchandising Lcbo, November 2013
  • I don’t think he was expecting at all to do as well as he did, but I think having done it, it was an educational experience further than he had planned, because instead of just educating the 40 or 50 people in the room, he educated the entire world.

    Steven Spurrier, Consultant Editor to Decanter & Chairman of Decanter World Wine Awards, United Kingdom, October 2013
  • When Eduardo and I first discussed the concept of this blind tasting format, I told him to brace himself for disappointment, especially given the popularity of Bordeaux reds in this part of the world. I was completely wrong in my warning and I am truly surprised by the results…

    Jeannie Cho Lee MW, First Asian Master of Wine, Contributing Editor Decanter Asia, Co-Chair of DAWA, Author, Wine Consultant & Educator, November 2011
  • Until that point only Eduardo knew what he had in his hands. Today the whole world knows… By reaching indisputable recognition in the world wine scene, Eduardo Chadwick’s wines have clearly demonstrated Chile’s tremendous vitivinicultural potential and have helped Chilean wines earn greater space and credibility in the international market.

    Jorge Lucki, Brazilian Wine Journalist and Columnist for Valor Econômico de Sao Paulo, October 2013
  • These tastings definitely have had an impact on how many influential members of the American wine trade view Chile today. So I see them as invaluable to promoting Chile’s well- deserved image as a source for world-class wine that can sit alongside the best that the rest of the world has to offer.

    Josh Raynolds, Wine Critic to Steven Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar, USA, December 2013
  • One enterprising Chilean wine producer, Eduardo Chadwick of Viña Errázuriz, has managed to organise a similar evolutionary milestone for the Chilean wine industry—or at least of his own wines… at what will doubtless come to be known in the history of Chilean wine as the “Berlin Tasting”

    Jancis Robinson MW, “Chilean Wine Grows Up” Financial Times UK, ft Weekend Magazine, February 14, 2004