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First Berlin Tasting in Moscow Marked Historic Results for Viña Errázuriz Icon Wines

Over 80 attendees, including sommeliers, wine journalists and Russian wine trade, gathered this Friday morning, May 25th of 2012, at the Lotte Hotel to participate in the first Berlin Tasting to be held in Moscow, in order to blind taste historic vintages of the Chilean Icon wines, Don Maximiano Founder’s Reserve, Viñedo Chadwick and Seña, alongside some classic vintages of Bordeaux Premiers Grands Crus Classésand Super Tuscans, aiming to demonstrate the world-class ageing potential of these wines. Read More >

In a new milestone for the Chilean wines, the blind tasting results from Moscow placed Seña 2001 as the favourite wine, with Don Maximiano Founder’s Reserve 2009 and Seña 2008 in close second and third places. The fourth place went to Bordeaux, with Château Margaux 2001, followed very close by historical vintage 2000 of Viñedo Chadwick. Thus, the two legendary winners of the original Berlin Tasting in 2004 are rewriting the story.

In addition to being an inaugural experience in Russia, this Berlin Tasting was very special, in that it was performed in a vertical format to additionally showcase the world-class ageing potential of these extraordinary wines.

This event was opened by Chilean Ambassador in Russia, Mr. Juan Eduardo Eguiguren, and conducted by President of Viña Errázuriz & Seña, Eduardo Chadwick, who shared these wineries’ history and milestones, as well as his long-standing quest to obtain recognition for Chile as a world-class appellation. Joining him as moderators were, Mr. Steven Spurrier, consultant editor to Decanter Magazine and the creator of the original Judgement of Paris, and Russian wine expert, Mr. Igor Serdyuk.

Eduardo Chadwick was thrilled with the results and commented, “the results of this tasting are a testament to demonstrate that our Icon wines, and indeed many of the top wines of Chile, possess the quality, pedigree and ageability that is comparable to the very best wines of the world.”

Steven Spurrier added, “Eduardo Chadwick is the recognised ambassador for Chilean wines, so it is right and proper that his own wines continue to shine in these blind tastings.”

In turn, Igor Serdyuk remarked, “this tasting is a real historical event for the Russian market, because it has a huge educational impact on young professionals in the wine industry. It shows a clear new stage for Chilean wines, with tremendous quality and ageing potential and it is a great example for the Russian winemakers of what a country, and especially wineries as Errázuriz and Seña, can do to produce wines of the highest quality. After this tasting, Russia is not only convinced, but also has voted the Chilean wines as world-class.”

The Berlin Tasting carried out in Moscow, follows in the spirit of the famous Berlin Tasting held in Germany in January 2004, where the most important wine writers, buyers, and specialists blind tasted 16 wines, and created an historical precedent by placing two wines from Chile (Viñedo Chadwick 2000 and Seña 2001), ahead of established French classics and Italian cult wines.

This constituted a milestone in the history of Chilean wine industry. And since then, the Berlin Tasting is part of Viña Errázuriz’s global educational program that promotes the high standard of fine Chilean Icon wines in a quest to establish and obtain recognition for Chile’s position amongst the world’s finest appellations.

This initiative has been successfully recreated in the most important wine capitals of the world more than 15 times since 2004, benchmarking the newly released vintages on each occasion. It has built a remarkable and unfailing trajectory, in which the most expert palates from around the planet have placed this winery’s Icons in the company of the world’s greatest wines.

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    Sergey Aksenovskyy, Yuri Babur, Elena Baybakova, Albert Colva, Anna Delyandydy, Juan Eduardo Eguiguren, Lada Eremeeva, Irina Filatov, Dmitry Galochkin, Ilya Gogolev, Andrew Grigoriev, Yulyana Grigorieva, Andrew Horoshnykov, Ilya Hostyaev, Alexander Ilyina, Andrew Ischenko, Maxim Kashirin, Sandro Khatiashvili, Vasily Kiselev, Fedor Kondratenko, Larissa Korobkova, Olga Krasnohor, Roman Koutouzov, Anatoly Korneev, Sergey Kosygin, Dimitry Kovalenko, Denis Leontev, Vlada Lesnychenko, Vitaliy Lysenko, Anton Lyalin, Michael Makaryan, Igor Maltsev, Sergey Merkulenkov, Elena Moskalenko, Ekaterina Medvedeva, Anton Moyseenko, Anton Obrezchykov, Sebastián Pillado, Kirill Pozdnyakov, Anastasia Prokhorov, Olga Olefir, Anton Panasenko, Sergey Poltoratskyy, Alex Ruzov, Semen Soloviev, Pavel Shvets, Basil Raskovoi, Denis Rudenko, Katerina Ryžkova, Maxim Semelyak, Mikhail Smirnov, Julia Tarnavskaya, Oleg Fylyppov, Daria Tsivin, Alexander Shumskyy, Paul Vardyshvyly, Natalia Vavilov, Elena Zaitseva, Ekaterina Zakharova, Igor Zybrak.


25 May 2012 Lotte Hotel
  • Steven Spurrier, Igor Serdyuk, Eduardo Chadwick
The Result
  1. 1- Seña 2001
  2. 2- Don Maximiano 2009
  3. 3- Seña 2008
  4. 4- Château Margaux 2001
  5. 5- Viñedo Chadwick 2000
  6. 6- Tignanello 2008
  7. 7- Seña 1995
  8. 8- Don Maximiano 1995
  9. 9- Château Lafite-Rothschild 1995
  10. 10- Sassicaia 2001

Expert Opinions

  • Any blind tasting is a lesson in humility for a taster, and the Berlin Tasting is an incomparable opportunity for palate fine-tuning… [it] has already raised the level of credibility of Chilean wines. But, having proven that these wines can surprise and win, Chile remains an enigmatic and inspiring land of revelation for itself and for the rest of the world…

    Igor Serdyuk, Russian Wine Writer and Editor-in-Chief of Magnum Magazine, November 2013
  • The Berlin Tasting in Moscow was a kind of recognition of our competence…I had suspected that Chadwick’s wines would be quite high in the rank, but it was impossible to guess that they all would take the first three places and four of the top five all in all. This could be called a real triumph.

    Vasily Raskov, Editor Simple Wine News, Russia, December 2013
  • I don’t think he was expecting at all to do as well as he did, but I think having done it, it was an educational experience further than he had planned, because instead of just educating the 40 or 50 people in the room, he educated the entire world.

    Steven Spurrier, Consultant Editor to Decanter & Chairman of Decanter World Wine Awards, United Kingdom, October 2013
  • When Eduardo and I first discussed the concept of this blind tasting format, I told him to brace himself for disappointment, especially given the popularity of Bordeaux reds in this part of the world. I was completely wrong in my warning and I am truly surprised by the results…

    Jeannie Cho Lee MW, First Asian Master of Wine, Contributing Editor Decanter Asia, Co-Chair of DAWA, Author, Wine Consultant & Educator, November 2011
  • Until that point only Eduardo knew what he had in his hands. Today the whole world knows… By reaching indisputable recognition in the world wine scene, Eduardo Chadwick’s wines have clearly demonstrated Chile’s tremendous vitivinicultural potential and have helped Chilean wines earn greater space and credibility in the international market.

    Jorge Lucki, Brazilian Wine Journalist and Columnist for Valor Econômico de Sao Paulo, October 2013
  • These tastings definitely have had an impact on how many influential members of the American wine trade view Chile today. So I see them as invaluable to promoting Chile’s well- deserved image as a source for world-class wine that can sit alongside the best that the rest of the world has to offer.

    Josh Raynolds, Wine Critic to Steven Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar, USA, December 2013
  • One enterprising Chilean wine producer, Eduardo Chadwick of Viña Errázuriz, has managed to organise a similar evolutionary milestone for the Chilean wine industry—or at least of his own wines… at what will doubtless come to be known in the history of Chilean wine as the “Berlin Tasting”

    Jancis Robinson MW, “Chilean Wine Grows Up” Financial Times UK, ft Weekend Magazine, February 14, 2004