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Seña and Don Maximiano were Elected Among the Top Three Best Wines Worldwide at The World’s Icons Judgment held in Sao Paulo

Chilean Icons, Seña and Don Maximiano, showcased their world-class ageing potential alongside the most famous wines in the world, in the first Berlin Tasting of this new era, which Viña Errázuriz launched in Latin America, taking place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on July 4th of 2013. Read More >

Seventy guests attended the event which, once again, consecrated Viña Errázuriz and Viña Seña as producers of the best wines of Chile and the world, alongside with French and Italian classics.

Key Brazilian wine writers, opinion leaders, sommeliers, and members of the wine trade, gathered at the Unique Hotel in Sao Paulo to participate in the first edition of Viña Errázuriz’s renewed blind tasting initiative to be held in Latin America, under the name of “The World’s Icons Judgment”, in order to showcase their world-class ageing potential.

This tasting was performed in a vertical format, pitching 20 years of evolution through historic vintages of Chilean Icon wines, such as Viñedo Chadwick, Don Maximiano Founder’s Reserve, and Seña, alongside classic vintages of Bordeaux Premiers Grands Crus Classés and Super Tuscans.

In a new landmark moment for the Chilean wines, this blind vertical tasting in Sao Paulo chose Château Margaux 2001 as the favourite wine, pronouncing Seña 2007, Icon of the winery born from the joint venture with Robert Mondavi, in a relevant second place, and Viña Errázuriz’s flagship wine, Don Maximiano Founder’s Reserve, vintage 2009, in the third one.

The tasting was led by Viña Errázuriz’s president Eduardo Chadwick, and counted with two moderators of great relevance in Brazil: Jorge Lucki, journalist and wine critic of the newspaper Valor Economico, and Marcelo Copello, managing editor of Baco Multimidia magazine. Two personalities of international standing, who accompanied the Chilean vintner in commenting and evaluating the 12 wines tasted.

Jorge Lucki commented, “Don Maximiano 2009 and Seña 2007 were my two favourite wines. They are no less compared to the famous wines of Bordeaux.”

In turn, Marcelo Copello declared, “Errázuriz wines had well demonstrated their potential before, and this new tasting served to reinforce what had been already proven in the past; that Chile produces in fact top end wines, as great as France or Italy, providing equal elegance and ageing potential.”

Eduardo Chadwick concluded that these results, “more than a success, are a recognition of the preference expressed by Brazil’s most renowned wine critics, for Errázuriz and Seña wines”, and added, “a highlight of this tasting is, that this time we tasted vintages from the last 20 years, which demonstrated the great consistency and ageing potential of the Chilean Icon wines.”

This World’s Icons Judgment followed the path set by the successful series of over 15 Berlin Tasting events performed at key wine capitals around the world from 2004 through 2013.

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    José Luis A. Borges, Gustavo Andrade De Paulo, Antonio Augusto Ney Ayres, Emmanuel Bassoleil, Manoel Beato, Luiz Gastão Bolonhez, Anna Maria Buehler, Christian Burgos, Jorge Carrara, Bruno Cauchioli, Silvia Cintra, Alexandra Corvo, Jeriel Costa, Oscar Daudt, J.A. Dias Lopes, Rafaela Figueiredo, Gustavo Filgueiras, Roberto Gerosa, Carolina Gherardi, Daniel Gonçalves, José Grimberg, Alexandre Henriques, Adolar Hermann, Rafael Hupsel, Alexandre Lalas, Ciro Lilla, Otavio Lilla, José Maria Lopes, Rodrigo Mainardi, Miwa Marcel, Beatriz Marques, Giuliana Martins Lopes, Renata Martins, Celso Masson, Wellington Melo, Antonio Mendez, Eduardo Milan, Fernanda Milred, Gabriela Monteleone, Tânia Nogueira, Oscar Páez, José Luiz Pagliari, Daniel Perches, Raquel Picolo, Luiz Pires, Roberta Pitta, Otavio Piva A. Filho, Otavio Piva, Edgard Reymann, Karolina Rodrigues, Didu Russo, Alex Sacramento, Lilian Seldin, José Carlos Semenzato, Solange Souza, Luciano Suassuna, Bruno Tadeucci, Walter Tommasi, Marcelo Torres, Valdiney, Guilherme Velloso, Allan Vila Espejo, Marcelo Wollermann, Raphael Zanette, Anna Rita Zanier.

Sao Paulo

4 July 2013 Hotel Unique
  • Jorge Lucki, Marcelo Copello, Eduardo Chadwick
The Result
  1. 1- Château Margaux 2001
  2. 2- Seña 2007
  3. 3- Don Maximiano 2009
  4. 4- Château Mouton-Rothschild 1995
  5. 5- Château Latour 2007
  6. 6- Seña 2010
  7. 7- Viñedo Chadwick 2000
  8. 8- Don Maximiano 1995
  9. 9- Don Maximiano 2005
  10. 10- Sassicaia 2000
  11. 11- Seña 2000
  12. 12- Tignanello 2009

Expert Opinions

  • …Chadwick’s wines spoke on equal terms with the greats from Bordeaux and won the praise of everyone present. The Berlin Tastings changed the way the world sees Chilean wines. I think that anyone who has participated in a Berlin Tasting has dropped any bias they may have had against Chilean wine and the idea that they can be truly great.

    Marcelo Copello, 
Managing Editor of Baco Multimidia and Wine Educator, October 2013
  • It was really a pleasure to see how with a vision and a
 lot of work we can reach dreams. This was what Eduardo achieved placing the Chilean wines in the top of the world… I am sure that the perception, in a worldwide basis, is that Chile can provide world-class wines compared
 with the best around the world, mostly in the Cabernet Sauvignon based Wines.

    Luiz Gastão, Bolonhez
 Wine Editor at Adega Magazine, October 2013
  • I don’t think he was expecting at all to do as well as he did, but I think having done it, it was an educational experience further than he had planned, because instead of just educating the 40 or 50 people in the room, he educated the entire world.

    Steven Spurrier, Consultant Editor to Decanter & Chairman of Decanter World Wine Awards, United Kingdom, October 2013
  • When Eduardo and I first discussed the concept of this blind tasting format, I told him to brace himself for disappointment, especially given the popularity of Bordeaux reds in this part of the world. I was completely wrong in my warning and I am truly surprised by the results…

    Jeannie Cho Lee MW, First Asian Master of Wine, Contributing Editor Decanter Asia, Co-Chair of DAWA, Author, Wine Consultant & Educator, November 2011
  • Until that point only Eduardo knew what he had in his hands. Today the whole world knows… By reaching indisputable recognition in the world wine scene, Eduardo Chadwick’s wines have clearly demonstrated Chile’s tremendous vitivinicultural potential and have helped Chilean wines earn greater space and credibility in the international market.

    Jorge Lucki, Brazilian Wine Journalist and Columnist for Valor Econômico de Sao Paulo, October 2013
  • These tastings definitely have had an impact on how many influential members of the American wine trade view Chile today. So I see them as invaluable to promoting Chile’s well- deserved image as a source for world-class wine that can sit alongside the best that the rest of the world has to offer.

    Josh Raynolds, Wine Critic to Steven Tanzer’s International Wine Cellar, USA, December 2013
  • One enterprising Chilean wine producer, Eduardo Chadwick of Viña Errázuriz, has managed to organise a similar evolutionary milestone for the Chilean wine industry—or at least of his own wines… at what will doubtless come to be known in the history of Chilean wine as the “Berlin Tasting”

    Jancis Robinson MW, “Chilean Wine Grows Up” Financial Times UK, ft Weekend Magazine, February 14, 2004